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“Aris Babikian is a passionate, thoughtful, and compassionate leader. I have known him for twenty years as a highly effective community leader and Citizenship Judge. He is conscientious, principled, and honest. I know that Aris would be a tremendous Member of the Provincial Parliament, and a tireless voice for his community.” 

Movie Director & Actress/Activist

"We have known our dear friend Aris for over twenty years and observed his extraordinary commitment to serving his community on so many levels.  He is a passionate spokesperson for all sorts of immigrant issues and is able to understand the intricate and complex nature of adapting to this amazing new country.  A proud Canadian, Aris is also a proud Armenian. His experience as a Citizen Judge speaks volumes about his knowledge of issues relating to new members of Canadian society, particularly those from the Middle East.  We can think of no better candidate to support for the issues facing this country, and his individual voice as a generous and engaged citizen in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario would be vital and strong."

Retired Citizenship Judge

“I’ve come to know Mr. Aris Babikian for many years as a friend and colleague. He is strong advocate for immigration and refugee settlement. He is community activist who is always ready to lend helping hands. He supports more funding to our police and health care services so that we can live in safe communities and not worry about the cost of looking after our health and safety.
His volunteer work and understanding of Canadian mosaic resulted in his appointment  as Canadian Citizenship Judge where he is role model to all of us.”

Name Alex Yuan
Community Leader

“Aris Babikian had received numerous recognition and awards from communities he represent.  In politic and in community care, Aris build bridges, to new Canadians and to the broader community.
 Scarborough-Agincourt needs a strong voice to represent the interests of our residents at Queen’s Park to improve the quality life of our seniors, protect the future of our children and strengthen our economic.”