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Associate Professor, University of Toronto - Candidate of Record, Ontario PC Party, Scarborough-Agincourt

“I am pleased to support Aris Babikian as the Ontario PC Party candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt in the upcoming provincial election. As the Ontario PC Party candidate in 2011 and 2014, I learned both that running for election is a challenging process, and furthermore that the residents of Scarborough Agincourt deserve a provincial representative who will work hard on their behalf to bring better healthcare, transportation and other services to Scarborough.

With his decades of service, Aris has the background, experience, judgement and commitment to properly represent the residents of Scarborough Agincourt as part of a majority Ontario PC Party led government.”

Name Bin Chang
Candidate of Record, Conservative Party, Scarborough-Agincourt

“Mr. Aris Babikian has served the Scarborough area for a long time. He has been a citizenship judge, the founder of the Wishing Well Community Association, the secretary of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, and the president of the Armenia National Council of Canada. He is fully committed to serving and helping the people. I give my strongest support to Mr. Aris Babikian as the PC candidate of Scarborough-Agincourt.”