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Birchmount Hospital Redevelopment Phase 1A


After 12 years of failed promises by previous governments, my advocacy has paid off.
Our government will be delivering the Bridletowne Community and Health Centre for the residents of Scarborough-Agincourt.
To expedite the building of the project, I need your support to be Re-elected as Scarborough-Agincourt MPP.

Promises made. Promises kept.

From Refugee to Member of Parliament

By Dikran Abrahamian MD, Ontario, 10 May 2022

Everybody has heard of the American Dream. The Canadian version is not that well known although as valid and potent as the American. A good example of the Canadian dream is the career of Ontario politician Aris Babikian who landed in Canada as a refugee fleeing the Lebanese Civil War and after years of community and political activism served as Citizenship Judge and was then elected to the Ontario provincial parliament four years ago. He is running for re-election in early June’s provincial elections. Babikian’s impressive career had a slow start and took years of hard work before it soared.

I first met him in 1995. It was a casual encounter at a wedding. Over years, through third parties I learned that he had come to Canada in 1978 as a refugee and with no financial means. He was originally from Aleppo, not so long ago a vibrant social and cultural Armenian centre. Babikian had basic education and barely spoke English. He did all sorts of odd jobs to survive.

As a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Babikian participated in the Armenian Community Centre activities. Thanks to his social skills, friendly nature and perseverance, he was elected to various positions in the organization and steadily climbed the social ladder. A little over a decade after our first encounter, we met in a confidential setting. He talked about a project to get the Genocide of Armenians taught in Ontario secondary schools. He said the initiative was in its preliminary stages, and cautioned us not to publicize the project so as not to alert the “usual suspects” from sabotaging the plan.

Update on Birchmount Hospital

New Birchmount (Grace) Hospital
$1 Billion Investment

Scarborough-Agincourt, April 14, 2022

MPP Babikian joined the Premier of Ontario, the Minister of Health, Minister Seniors and Accessibility, MPP Vijay Thanigasalam, MPP Christina Mitas, and CEO Elizabeth Buller of the Scarborough Health Network to make a major historic announcement to build a new hospital at the current site of the Birchmount (Grace) Hospital.

In 2019, the government invested $500,000 to help Scarborough Health Network plan the redevelopment of the emergency department of the Birchmount Hospital. Throughout the planning process, it became clear that more than a new emergency department was needed to continue to provide the care patients and families in Scarborough and the surrounding communities need.




Aris Babikian Re-election Campaign Opening and Community BBQ


Scarborough-Agincourt, April 30, 2022

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More than 300 Scarborough-Agincourt residents, community leaders, business leaders, and media representatives attended an open-air gathering on Saturday April 30th, to kick start the re-election campaign of PC candidate and MPP Aris Babikian.
MPPs Raymond Cho (Scarborough North), Vincent Ke (Don Valley North), Billy Pang (Markham-Unionville), Vijay Thanigasalam (Scarborough-Rouge Park), and Christina Mitas (Scarborough-Centre) addressed the gathering.

In their speeches, the speakers praised Babikian’s tenacity, commitment, and dedication to serving the interests of Scarborough-Agincourt residents. They cited the historic achievements which he helped bring about for his community.

They referred to the $1 billion investment for the New Birchmount Hospital, the extension of the Sheppard subway line from Don Mills to the McCowan station, the building of the Bridletwone Community and Health Hub, the allocation of $20 million to renovate and expand the Terry Fox and David Lewis schools, and last but not least the creation of a medical school in Scarborough.   


“Aris Babikian is a passionate, thoughtful, and compassionate leader. I have known him for twenty...
"We have known our dear friend Aris for over twenty years and observed his extraordinary commitment...
Movie Director & Actress/Activist
“I’ve come to know Mr. Aris Babikian for many years as a friend and colleague. He is strong...
Retired Citizenship Judge